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Our Method

Our Method

Why waste your time reading the sports pages, pundits and tipster advice columns? Most of these "experts" are only right less than 50% of time. Some of them charge hundreds of dollars for their picks. We have a much better, much easier and much more affordable service.

Each and every day, Wall Street West uses a high technology, artificial intelligence algorithm which selects and then simulates the sporting events that are most likely to be profitable using our system. Each day we feature one, two or sometimes three deals. Our unique money management system assures a profit in the long run.   

​You simply sit back, relax and wait for our emails or texts to arrive. Then you enter the deals in with your sports book and your work is finished. It is not necessary to watch the games, unless you want to.  We rarely watch the games. We are not in this for the entertainment value of the sports. We use the sporting events like a trader uses a stock on Wall Street. We invest in the deals and then take the money and run.            

American Football Game
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